Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase HoloLAB Champions?

HoloLAB Champions is available on the Steam store.

I am an educator. How can I use HoloLAB Champions in my classroom?

HoloLAB Champions is designed to be a companion for chemistry classrooms and students. See the Classroom Guide for classroom resources you can use.

How do I redeem a Steam key?

Please follow these instructions to activate a new retail purchase on Steam:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Steam account (if you’re a first time Steam user) and install Steam on the computer you will use for HoloLAB Champions.
  3. Launch the Steam software and log into your Steam account.
  4. Click the “Games” option in the Menu between “Friends” and “News”.
  5. Choose “Activate a Product on Steam”
  6. Click “Next” and then click “I Agree”
  7. Paste in the Product Key that you received for HoloLAB Champions. You should see an “Activation successful” window and the name of the game “HoloLAB Champions” in the product box.
  8. Click “Finish”
  9. Check Your “Library” to locate HoloLAB Champions. Click on the title.
  10. Click “Install” to install the game

Please visit the Steam support page if you have additional questions.

Can 'HoloLAB Champions' be played on any other devices?

Currently HoloLAB Champions is designed to be played on the HTC Vive virtual reality system.

What is the recommended age for playing HoloLAB Champions?

HoloLAB Champions was designed and tested with high school chemistry education in mind.

Does each student in the classroom require an HTC Vive headset in order to experience HoloLAB Champions?

While a virtual reality headset is required for the game to be launched, there are several ways classrooms can perform group activities with only a select number of students in a headset. The Classroom Guide has classroom activities where only one student is wearing the headset.

I’d like to have multiple students try HoloLAB Champions. How do I clear the student’s progress?

There are several ways you can clear the student’s progress in the game:

  1. Pull the “reset” lever while the student is in the game
  2. Exit to the main menu
  3. Close the game and reopen it

How can I change the camera angle in the game?

To change the camera angle in the game, you can use the spacebar on the keyboard to find the angle you prefer. You can also use the numerical keys to go to a specific angle. Finally, you could direct the player in the experience to check the dashboard in the game to change the perspective.

I am having problems with the game. What should I do?

Please contact us at for assistance. We are happy to help.

Min Specs

Intel i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz
8.0 GB
Windows 8 64-bit
Graphics Card
GeForce GTX 970 4.096 gb