Event Recap: HoloLAB Champions Shines at 2018 Games for Change Festival

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During the 2018 Games for Change Festival at the Parsons School of Design, the Schell Games team showed off HoloLAB Champions. This was the first time the majority of the attendees saw the game since its Phase I version, SuperChem VR. Now a finished, Phase II product, HoloLAB Champions was just days away from going live on the Steam platform.

With the team showing the game in the exhibition hall, it received a lot of attention from attendees and press.

Jesse schell at G4 C18
Marlena talks to G4 C attendee about Holo LAB

Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell was interviewed several times about developing HoloLAB Champions.

While at the conference, Jesse and VP of Design Harley Baldwin presented on lessons learned in building a VR education experience.

Below is an infographic on their main points.

Lessons learned in making Holo LAB Champions

Overall, the event was a success and many people were pleasantly surprised on how polished the game looked, how the game physics worked so well, and how immersive the experience was.

The Festival got the team even more excited to release the game on July 10th!