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Virtual Lab Practice, Real Lab Mastery

Grab your safety goggles and set out on a chemical-burning, liquid-stirring, camera-whirring competition in HoloLAB Champions.

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For Educators

Formula For Success

You have been beamed into the HoloLAB. Now what? Put your lab skills to the test! If you can prove you are in your element, your brain will be immortalized for all eternity.

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A Positively Charged Experience

Scoop, pour, and burn your way to mastery in the HoloLAB. Trophies, complete with a hologram of your brain, commemorate your achievements and adorn the immersive Hall of Brains.






Flame test


Game-show-style levity collides with real-world safety in the HoloLAB. Your holographic host, Earl, and camera-bot sidekick, Meyer, guide you through a series of mini-labs that lead up to a final lab challenge. Score achievements and do your best to earn an elemental trophy along the way. Where can you practice challenges in a free-form setting? Hone your skills in Training Mode!


What the Critics Are Saying

Hall of brains

Geniuses welcome